Pluto in Capricorn and Ancestral Spirits




Pluto in Capricorn and Ancestral Spirits

Somewhere in your closet or maybe your parent’s attic there’s a box that contains cherished items passed down through the generations. Go ahead, go dig in the box, that’s what it’s there for. Bring out into the light again, Grandma’s handmade doilies, dust off Grandpa’s train set and further down in the box, unwrap Great Grandpa’s fear of failure...

What? That wasn’t listed in the will!

You are not an island, and you stand at the end of a very long lineage, that still lives within and around you through the spirits of your ancestors. While you may be aware of how the roots of issues and patterns in your life can be traced back to your childhood and parental conditioning, you may not have considered that generations long past may be still be affecting your life today.

In our modern day society, especially in the Western world the notion of unhappy Ancestral spirits lingering around their families seems implausible. But many ancient and even modern cultures understand that the relationship between the living and the dead does not end at the cemetery. In many Eastern cultures such as Japan, China, Bali and Thailand alters are erected and maintained for the Ancestors. Their belief is that the Ancestor’s well being must be maintained so that they bless rather than hinder the well being of the living. When the Ancestors are not tended to and cared for, their ‘unfinished business’ can continue to plague current generations, simply because they are still looking for help among the living. Helping any earthbound sprits (Ancestral or not) move to their rightful place in the light creates a healthy relationship between the living and dead, that benefits both. 

Astrologically speaking, Pluto is the ruler of the ‘underworld’ which governs not only the souls of the deceased, but the complexes that have been driven underground into the subconscious. This includes all ‘unfinished business’ of both the dead and living.  With the current transit of Pluto in Capricorn, and the transiting moons nodes in Cancer/Capricorn until March 2011 the archetypes of Cancer and Capricorn are emphasized on the personal and collective level. Personally this means that any buried issues can come to a head regarding; family, parenting/childhood, Mother/Father, home/career, inner world/outer world, ancestry and familial lineage.

Working directly with the spirits of the Ancestors is a way to unearth buried complexes and bring them to completion, serving both the living and the dead. One recent client came to me as she was about to move back home. She said that since she was young she always felt over-responsible for her own Mother which had created a life-long unhealthy co-dependent relationship. Her current life circumstances were forcing her to move back home for support, and she had some fear that she would lose the hard-won boundaries she had created in the last few years through her personal healing work. She feared sliding back into old patterns as she did feel an almost compulsive urge to start care-taking her Mother again. As we explored her energy field, we found the spirit of her Grandmother who had passed on when my client was only six years old. As we worked with Grandma we recovered her memories of her own life circumstances and death. It is essential when working with spirits to help them remember, as many times they stay earthbound because they either do not know they are dead or are in denial about it. Grandma died alone and was sad, depressed and despondent.  She had a hard life, raising seven children in the Midwest on limited means. Grandma’s favorite daughter was my clients Mother, as she was the youngest and Grandma felt over protective of her, but also felt guilty that she never seemed to have enough time to spend with any of the children as she was overworked and exhausted.

Grandma had many regrets and a strong desire to stay with her youngest daughter, which we found out was how she became attached in spirit form to my client. My client was home with her Mother when the phone call came that Grandma had died. Her Mother was hysterical, screaming and crying, and my client who was only six years old, watched in horror, feeling helpless and overcome with Mothers pain. Grandmother’s spirit was also there watching and also felt helpless to console her daughter, as my client attempted to console her Mother, Grandma was drawn to her and before either of them knew what happened Grandma’s energy became enmeshed in the small girl.  After working with many hundreds of these cases, this is unfortunately a common experience for spirits; they are driven by an emotionally charged impulse towards a particular living person and find themselves attached to them before they realize what happened. In fact many of them don’t even realize they are enmeshed with someone until that person comes to therapy and we discover the spirit there. In this case Grandma was drawn to the little girl’s desire to console her Mother which matched her own desire to do the same.

So here we were 40 years later helping Grandma to realize that she had been earthbound all this time and further that by staying attached to my client she had affected her in a negative way. It became apparent to my client that her compulsion to care for her own Mother was Grandma’s unfinished business. As we worked with Grandma further we found she had further unresolved guilt about another daughter she had that died when she was 15 years old. Grandma was still grieving this loss and feeling guilty that she “did not do enough for any of the children’. One of the best ways to begin to help earthbound spirits is to get them to realize that their life on earth is over and that there are most likely loved ones on the other side that are looking for them to cross over. Spirits that are still obsessed with the living often miss seeing that there are others in spirit form around them trying to help them.

I asked for any loved ones in spirit form to come to see if they could help Grandma with her grief and guilt. Instantly her own Mother showed up with the spirit of the 15 year old daughter that Grandma was still grieving for. It was quite a surprise to Grandma to see them both and a further surprise that her own Mother was scolding her for staying on the earth plane for so long but also was lovingly encouraging her to join them. After further ‘counseling’ with Grandma, she was ready to move on and was relieved to find comfort in the spirit world. The relief to my client was instant, the feelings of ‘indebtedness’; guilt and grief left her when Grandmother did.

Suggestions for Helping and Honoring your Own Ancestral Spirits;

  • Seek sessions with someone like myself who works with the spirits directly.
  • Build an Ancestor Alter, placing pictures and mementos of generations past. Periodically tend to the alter with fresh flowers, incense, and also you can place sweets and small bits of their favorite foods there. Meditate on them when you tend to the alter send prayers and positive thoughts to them for their well being. Include ALL of your relations, especially those you did not personally know, going back at least seven generations. Offer them your gratitude; it is because of them, that you are here. You can also listen inwardly during these meditations to see if the ancestors communicate anything that they need you to do for them. The relationship is also two-way; you may ask them for counsel, guidance and help on personal or family issues.
  • At family gatherings, encourage the sharing of memories of those who have passed on. The Ancestors love to be remembered, just as much as we do. You can also set a place at the table for them, so they can join in the family meals.
  • Research your family tree; try to learn about the ancestors you don’t know about from the ones who are still alive. Learn their stories and share them with other family members.
  • Look into how other cultures and traditions (from tribal to modern societies) honor their ancestors. Incorporate any traditions you are drawn to into your life.