The Drake Family Ghosts - Working with Earthbound Spirits

The Drake Family Ghosts –All in the Family - (Not really!!)

Patricia L. Walsh

While working with one’s own Ancestral Spirits can resolve lingering issues for oneself and the entire ‘family line’. I sometimes find families, that we have a strong association with, can also become part of our ‘Psychic Inheritance’ and may also need healing.
Especially when you buy a family business……

Drake Family Ghost 2

David was a talented draftsman, who went to work for a family run business that created sacred art for churches and religious memorials for the dead. The business was founded in 1857 by Robert Drake who passed the business to his son Christopher. Christopher ran the business for many years until the last 10 years of his life (he died in 1942) when he was bedridden with crippling arthritis and could not work.

Both Robert and Christopher were artists, who not only actively ran the family business but did all the designs themselves. Christopher had a son Warren, who did not follow in the family tradition, as he was not an artist, but had schooled in another career. Warren fell on hard times and was out of work in the 1930’s, while at the same time his father, Christopher, was becoming incapacitated with arthritis. Even though he was not an artist he agreed to take over the family business and run it for his ailing father.

Warren succeeded in steering the business through hard times by hiring talented help and using his own business sense. Warren ran the Drake family business for almost 40 years out of a sense of responsibility, even though it was not his calling in life. In his later years, around the time he had hired David he had become an alcoholic and was not that interested in the business anymore.

David came to a workshop talking about the Drake family business that he had purchased from Warren over 20 years ago. David had been hired by Warren and had worked in the family business for almost 40 years himself. Even though he was not a family member, as Warren became unable to run the business any longer, there were no surviving family members to take over, and David had made an offer to buy the business that was accepted.

It was clear that David was devoted to the business but he also complained about the feeling of “not having any choice… but.. to run the business”. He felt he wanted to do something different with his life, but was unable to bring himself to the point of even thinking about it, which made him feel frustrated and trapped. He said that he had always felt the Drake family spirits around but never gave this much thought. He had proudly carried on the business and even though he had been the owner, he never felt it was fully his own business, he felt more like a custodian. David seemed to be caught between the desires of the Drake ghosts to keep the business going and his own wish to find out who he truly was.

As David settled into a slightly altered state, it was Christopher who came forward first (speaking through David) saying that “The business must go on” and that he was keeping it going. Christopher was asked if he knew he was dead and he did not reply. He was asked two more times, and then he impatiently responded “ I can’t be dead I am busy at the studio, I have to run it because my son Warren was a miserable drunk and failed.” It was clear that Christopher and Warren, as father and son never reconciled in life or in the spirit world. At this point David informed Christopher that he had known his son and that in his opinion; Warren had done a terrific job in running the business. Christopher would hear nothing of the sort and continued berating his son and declaring that only he could run the business properly.

Despite the popular notion that all spirits die and ‘go to the light’, in working with them it becomes obvious, that parts of them can remain stuck in their own unresolved issues, creating a sort of bubble that they remain in the after-life. I call this a ‘Bardo-Bubble’ borrowing from the Tibetan Buddhist notion that the state of death and unresolved feelings and issues from one’s life, continue to influence ones reality in the after- life. The Tibetans called these self-created states of consciousness, Bardo’s – where ones thoughts and feelings do actually create reality, instantly! While many resources are available to spirits in the after-life (Loved ones, Helping spirits etc..) , if they are still consumed with the affairs of their earthly life, these spirits will remain close to the earth in state called “ Earthbound” which hinders their ability to actually take their rightful place ‘in the light’. Similar to how we can become consumed with issues and complexes during our lives, and don’t notice, or are unable to take advantage of, healing options that may be quite obvious to others….but we miss, because we are in our own little bubble of limited awareness.

We felt that before Christopher and his son could reconcile, that the original founder of the family business (Christopher’s father Robert) could be asked to come and mediate. It seemed that it had not occurred to Christopher that he could converse with his father in the after-life and when Robert (the Patriarch) showed up Christopher fell into a stunned silence. Robert reminded Christopher that when he turned the business over to him that he done so with free will and had given him the freedom to run it as he saw fit.

Robert said he was disappointed that Christopher had been unable to let his son Warren, and now David, run the business with the same freedom. He told him “When I died I sought the light, why have you not joined me here?” Christopher was remorseful and also stunned to realize that there was a better place to go, rather than stay around the business. But he would not be ready to fully be at peace until he reconciled with his son. Robert acted as a firm yet compassionate mediator when Christopher and Warren came together to discuss the bitterness between them. Robert also reminded Christopher that it was Warren who cared for him when he was ill, and even though Warren was not an artist, he ran the business well enough to provide for him in the last 10 years of his life.

With careful guidance Christopher and Warren were able to reconcile. Warren had been in the shadows himself, feeling his father recrimination and weighed down by his own guilt over his alcoholism. Warren had died very depressed. But now father and son slowly started to heal as Christopher began to see how unfair he had been to his son. He hesitantly asked for forgiveness, and Warren tearfully gave it. Warren told his father “I only wanted you to be proud of me, thank you for accepting me finally as I am and appreciating me.”

All the spirits were now at peace and Christopher and Warren both wanted to let David know that the business was now fully his. That he did not have to carry their problems anymore on his shoulders. Christopher told David “Thank you for taking care of the business, it is yours to do with as you want.” With a laugh that was full of relief he told him “Sell the damn thing if you want.”

David urged them all to be at peace and to go into the light with Robert, which they did.

David said that he immediately felt relived and free from the Drake family ghosts “as if a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when they left.”

This is a common effect of working with spirits - either in a geographical location or when they are lingering in one’s own energy field. There is an immediate feeling of lightness…spaciousness and a lifting of whatever emotional complex the spirit had….that leaves with the spirit as it ascends.

In the light

After he returned to work he reported that his whole relationship to the business changed, the heaviness of responsibility was gone and he felt for the first time in twenty years that the business was finally all his. He felt free to make creative decisions about changing, leaving or even selling the business, that he could hardly even conceptualize before.

Because David was intrinsically a responsible person who followed through on his promises, he made a great vehicle for the unfinished business of the Drake family, he had been carrying….

Christopher, who had never been able to complete running the business as he wanted because he fell ill. Certainly after ten years of being bedridden, he probably ruminated a lot about what he would do if he was able. He certainly was frustrated with his own limitations, and took that out on his son.... Warren.

Warren took the responsibility of it all, yet never got the reward he really wanted- his father’s appreciation. Further, Warren was bound by duty and didn’t get to live his true potential. He never really wanted the business and never got to find out who he really was. This obviously weighed on him as he sunk into depression and alcoholism.

Poor David had not only Christopher driving him, but Warren’s heavy sense of duty and failure… that was the cloud that lifted…………… when the Drake Family spirits found their place in the light.