Understanding Karmic Complexes Patricia WalshMy book on Evolutionary Astrology and Past Lives is now available from Wessex and Amazon.

Understanding Karmic Complexes is the culmination of seven years of research correlating 'actual' past life memories (recalled during past life regression therapy) from thousands of individuals to their astrological charts. There are over 50 case studies in the book, with detailed past lives outlined for each astrological archetype. The past life stories guide the reader on a journey through the archetypes (from Aries to Pisces), illuminating the dynamics of astrology, reincarnation and karmic/soul healing. The cases also serve as illustrative examples of the unique principles of Evolutionary Astrology, for the beginning to advanced student.

Professional Recommendations and Reviews

“Each chapter contains a vast, rich and expansive wealth of information, descriptions of the archetypes, including keywords, in their natural state and practical useful examples of the planet/sign/house archetypes as part of the karmic axis in the charts of clients. She also includes an exploration of the common themes that arise within the archetypes, which are usefully summarized in the Appendix at the back of the book.

This book is an absolute work of art, as well as of the mind, offering readers at all levels rich food for the soul, regardless of astrological training or spiritual beliefs. Patricia’s description of the planets, signs and houses at the archetypal level is one of the most comprehensive I have ever read and will continue to illuminate our paths for many years to come.” -Excerpt from review by – Margret Gray MSW.D Psych. Astrology – ISAR Journal (April 2011)

"Patricia has created an invaluable work on behalf of Evolutionary Astrology generally, and to all students of this work specifically. Patricia Walsh is indeed one of those few men or women of wisdom who can accurately interpret the natal chart of each Soul. I cannot more highly recommend this work to any serious student who endeavors to understand the true beauty of what Evolutionary Astrology is; which is to be a true SOUL WORKER, who desires to help any Soul understand their own unique, individual, evolutionary journey that ultimately takes them back from where they began: God." -Jeffrey Wolf Green, author of Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul

“Walsh is a wonderful writer and a pleasure to read. Her introduction contains an excellent synopsis of the main concepts of Evolutionary Astrology, as well as a description of the methods used in past life regression sessions that provide the substance of the book…. Her understanding of the zodiac archetypes is multivalent and eloquent….. ‘Understanding Karmic Complexes’ is a pioneering synthesis of astrology and regression therapy and is also thoroughly researched." -Excerpt from review by -Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer (Feb/March 2011)

""Patricia Walsh breaks new ground as she combines the wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology and past life regression into a cohesive therapeutic tool. This book is a must have for anybody who has been studying Evolutionary Astrology, and desires to utilize it as a counseling tool."" -Deva Green, author of Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto and Your Karmic Mission

"In the 30 years or so that I have investigated the phenomenon of past life memory and worked on developing a practical method to heal the soul’s inherited wounds (today called Deep Memory Process), I have naturally searched in the literature of astrology for validation and confirmation of my findings.  But there is hardly a book written by an astrologer on past lives that I haven’t found disappointing. Even the few astrologers who claimed to practice regression to past lives with their clients for me had little of substance to offer, since, for the most part, they had no practical awareness of the deeper issues psychotherapy.

Pat Walsh’s monumental and unique contribution to an authentic astrologically based psychotherapy of the soul is the book I personally have been waiting for. This ground-breaking book must surely be welcomed by all practicing astrologers, whether or not they use past life regression therapy or believe in reincarnation." -Roger Woolger PhD., author of Healing Your Past Lives

Following excerpted from Steven Forrest's Yesterday’s Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation (2008), Roger J. Woolger, Patricia Walsh, and “Deep Memory Process”:

"Several years ago while teaching an astrology workshop in Hartford, Connecticut, I encountered a bright, enthusiastic woman who said she had been working with Roger Woolger. Her name was Patricia Walsh. She had studied the principles of Evolutionary Astrology with my own friend and writing partner, Jeffrey Wolf Green, and she was connecting Jeff’s past-life work very effectively with people’s own recovered memories from the regression work that Roger Woolger had pioneered. In other words, Patricia Walsh was proving that trance-work and Evolutionary Astrology were coming up with the same results. Her work is meticulous and very concrete. Case studies are compared, with the parallels between the two systems leaping out dramatically.

Patricia will have a book out soon. For now, I would draw your attention to her article “Astrological Observations from Past Life Regression Therapy.” It appeared in the Journal of the International Society for Astrological Research in the Leo issue (2006, Volume XXXVI, #3).

I find the work that Roger Woolger and Patricia Walsh are doing particularly exciting for two reasons. First, and more importantly, there is tremendous potential for a healing synergy between hypnotic regressions and Evolutionary Astrology. A regression in which a person actually has direct experience of a prior life trauma can be tremendously cathartic, adding dimensionality and punch to the more abstract astrological analysis. Turning it around, the astrological analysis can direct a person’s attention to the most charged—and most relevant—unresolved karmic issues. In other words, if you were the captain of a slave ship (or one of its passengers) in a prior life, you might vastly prefer to recall lifetimes as a French pastry chef! Astrology strategically directs the attention in the most therapeutic direction, while Deep Memory Process can better trigger highly specific memories, plus release, confidence in the reality of the experience, and healing.

The second reason I am so excited about this coming together of Deep Memory Process and Evolutionary Astrology is that the combination is just so incredibly convincing. If Joe tells you he saw a UFO around sunset last night over the reservoir, you are interested, but you are not sure. If an hour later Ann, who has never even met Joe, tells you the same thing, you are far more compelled to belief. Seeing the karmic story in astrological symbols, then hearing it come independently out of someone’s mouth can give pause to even the most dire skeptic." -Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky

“Through the twelve chapters (one for each sign) the reader will become thoroughly entertained and intrigued by the many past life experiences as they are correlated to the astrological messages encoded in the horoscopes. For example, in the Aries chapter  we understand how this archetype (as part of the karmic axis) can bring psychological wounds through specific case studies …….. in each case we learn the lessons along with the clients about initiative, fear of competition, rage and anger, primal instincts, will and power – and one of the most common (Aries) themes the wounds of the soldier. Each chapter contains the author’s wisdom and insights that bring past life experiences into present life conditions. Throughout the book the reader is also introduced to a variety of psychological processes unavailable in other astrological texts.” -Excerpt from review by – Chris Lorenz – Dell Horoscopes (June 2010)

“I agree with the reviewers who say this is a pioneering work, for there is nothing of its kind anywhere on the planet. The author works with past life regression therapy and evolutionary astrology so that she has been able to present real clients with the past life stories that were therapeutic to this life and then correlate those stories to the natal birth charts.

She found patterns of experiences that fit with the different houses/signs of the zodiac and presents her findings in this book, and does so with a comprehensive understanding of many spiritual traditions, from shamanic in pre-patriarchal times to the great religions of history. She presents this with appealing clarity so that her process is no mystery even though the subject matter is famously mysterious to us earthlings in general.

Her work will certainly be helpful to my own clients in astrology and though I am a graduate of the same school, I do not personally know the author.

Her niche is all her own. No one else has done this. And her mentors express their sincere appreciation in both forwards, from Roger Woolger and from Jeffrey Wolf Green.

A work of genius, courage and compassion. A very great offering to help people heal the imprints that hold them back. O, did I say I recommend it? It is so readable that one need not be a regression therapist nor astrologer to sit spellbound, story to planet to lifetime to healing. A wonderful work.” -Sylvia Hawley – Evolutionary Astrologer