DMP® Training

Patricia Walsh WorkshopDeep Memory Process® (DMP®), is a creative synthesis of present and past life regression work that draws from Freud; Reich; Psychodrama; Jung; Gestalt; Spiritual Psychology and Shamanic Healing. Distinguished Oxford scholar and Jungian analyst, Roger Woolger PhD, created Deep Memory Process® after publishing his seminal book “Other Lives,Other Selves’ in the mid 1980’s. His international program has been attracting therapists and healers from all over the world for over 30 years. 

This training provides not only advanced skills in regression work but also a comprehensive psycho/spiritual understanding of the dynamics of the human psyche, how trauma affects the psyche and how to facilitate resolution to long standing issues.  More than just a technique,  DMP® address core soul wounds and facilitates soul retrieval beyond the current life and integration of these lost parts, drawing from the wisdom of ancient methods of Shamanistic healing.  

Deep Memory Process® has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals and changed the way many others perform therapy and healing with their clients. Where many Past Life Regession therapies focus mainly on the mental level, DMP transforms body, mind, emotion and spirit simultaneously. The results for clients are profound.

Deep healing may occur in just a few sessions. DMP® can be a valuable adjunct to the work you do with your clients. It has been shown to be highly effective in treating post-traumatic and dissociative reactions to catastrophe, violence and all forms of abuse. It is also fully applicable to states of anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, chronic pain/illness, blocked feelings, and childhood trauma, specifically working with present and past life traumatic residues embedded in the physical and subtle bodies.

Reincarnation School Training

About The Training

Training in Deep Memory Process® is divided into four modules, each lasting 5 days. The first two modules offer a certificate in Basic Past Life Therapy, with full certification in Deep Memory Process offered after completion of all four modules and case study requirements.

The four training modules are designed to be taken in two stages: two basic modules: levels 1 & 2, followed by two advanced modules: levels 3 & 4.

Each training module contains lecture, discussion, demonstration and group processing. The trainings are designed to be highly self-experiential and personally transformative, held in a retreat format , so that particpants are able to deeply immerse themselves in the process. With supervision, you will guide and recieve two sessions in each training.  

All 5-Day Residential Trainings are open to practitioners in the helping and healing professions such as:

  • Psychotherapists (MFT, LCSW, LPC, MA)
  • Psychologists / Psychiatrists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Past Life Regression Therapists
  • Energy Workers / Healers / Body Workers
  • Nurses / Hospice Workers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Ministers / Spiritual Counselors
  • I also offer a special training for Astrologers also (see calendar)

Module 1: Basic Level

Running the Story with Core Emotional Release:

You will explore regression as active psychodrama; Interviewing the client to identify issues and how to prepare the client for sessions; isolating key phrases and using them to induce past memories; how to guide a past life story; working within the ‘now’ and ‘key moments’ in the story; observing body cues and energy movements; using and working with resistance and blocks; dramatic tension; how to facilitate healing catharsis; symbolic resonance as a model of the structure of the psyche;  shamanic  ‘three worlds’ model and it’s correlation to the interplay of Spirit, Soul and Ego; recognizing past life soul fragmentation and its effects; introduction to working in the after-life states (Bardos) healing ‘unfinished business’ at physical, emotional and mental levels.

Module 2: Basic Level

Working with Spirit and Death Transition in the Afterlife (Bardos):

Working with the death moment and transition of the soul into the after-life;  Typical patterns that are carried into the after-life; Techniques of resolution in the after-life or Bardos; resolving unfinished business with persons on earth; life review; catharsis and reconciliation/forgiveness;  energetic and spiritual healing in the after-life; integration of soul-fragments; mediation and working with spirit helpers and guides, animal spirits, ancestors;  various levels of Bardo reality and how to work in each; introduction to spirit release and earthbound soul fragments , working with groups of spirits and other peoples soul fragments; releasing imprints on the physical, emotional and mental levels.


A certificate in Basic Past Life Therapy is offered after completion of these first two modules (and case study and practice requirements). Professionals that wish to receive full certification in Deep Memory Process must attend the next two advance modules.


Module 3: Advanced Level

Body Release in Deep Memory Process:

Direct Induction into past life memories through the body, wounds to the etheric body and emotional 'condensation' in the body, chronic holding patterns at death, letting the body tell its story, places of stored emotion in the body, working with breath and the body, strategies for release of body patterns using props and psychodramtic techniques.


Module 4: Advanced Level

Healing Complex Trauma and Abuse:

Memory and the body; recognizing clinical “shock”; post traumatic dynamics (PTSD/PTSS); dissociative states, ‘soul fragmentation and soul loss'; trauma release and catharsis; reactions to sexual and physical abuse; chronic pain, torture and horror; collective trauma and wounded “spirit” attachments; patterns of defense within the psyche such as repression,denial and chronic shut-down; using defenses as allies in healing; soul retrieval healing strategies; 'Surplus reality' and Mini-Bardo states for healing; dialoguing with the body; facilitating a present to past life regression and working with the inner child; applying DMP® techniques in a 'present life only' regression.


Please check the calendar to see where Deep Memory Process training modules are currently taking place all over the world.