About Me

Patricia Walsh

My spiritual journey has been life-long. I started my personal work with my 'inner teachers' in my late teens. I received much teaching on the nature of 'reality', healing methods and techniques, working with earthbound spirits, the energy behind the physical world and how to listen and respond to the inner voice. Through most of my 20's and 30's, I passionately studied the works of Alice Bailey and different forms of Transpersonal Psychology. I believe the highest path of spirituality is the path of service (first to one’s own soul then to others). Besides my 'inner studies' I have apprenticed with a Shamanic healer since 1997  in a unique one on one teaching that is still ongoing.

All forms of spirituality are sacred to me although the esoteric traditions, Shamanic and earth centered ways are closest to my heart. I have traveled much of the world and am just as happy exploring and sharing spirituality in an Ashram or a Coven.

My main work in this life is to help others (and myself) bring long standing Karmic Complexes to resolution thus to serve the impulse of evolution within the core of the soul.  My South Node and this North node are at 0 degrees, which in the form of astrology I do, Evolutionary Astrology, also represents culmination of a karmic cycle. I knew this since I was young, and yes as they say, we often teach what we need to learn. My inner teachers told me when I was in my 20’s “This life is like a period at the end of a very long sentence”.

I understood it then to mean that I was completing things from the past. Just like a period draws a conclusion at the end of a thought, a finite statement between thoughts, somehow I was meant to make sense and use of ….all the past life journey’s my soul had experienced. Fifteen years later I vigorously started on that path.

In 1999, I immersed myself in past life regression work studying with one of the pioneers of regression as a therapy, Dr. Roger Woolger (author of the seminal work ‘Other Lives, Other Selves’). Upon completion of my training in 2001 Roger asked me to teach with him, which I started doing as an assistant for 2 years and then became the Chief Trainer for the US program in 2003.  Roger and I taught in the US and internationally from 2003 till he passed in 2012 and I continue as head of the professional training program in the USA, Canada and Australia.  Through the course of my involvement in Deep Memory Process ®, and having worked on over 250 of my own past lives in regression and guided tens of thousands past and present life regressions,  I am on my way to achieving my souls mission. But the story doesn’t end there…..

In 1994 I came across Jeff Wolf Green’s book “ Pluto The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul”, and felt like I had come home. Prior to that, since my late 20’s I had read the psycho/spiritual astrologers but no one had put together such a penetrating and complete view of the soul and its evolution, and karmic conditions in astrology. I was hooked and started to study personally with Jeffrey when I moved back to the USA in 2000 (I was living in Germany at the time). I was fortunate to attend the last school he taught personally before he retired and graduated as an Evolutionary Astrologer in 2007.

Starting in2003, I undertook several years of research combining regression therapy and Evolutionary Astrology which resulted in a book ‘Understanding Karmic Complexes’ published in 2009. 

Putting my Sagittarian Sun and Gemini Moon to work ….I have been lecturing on and teaching astrology internationally since 2005, frequently giving keynote and regular lectures as well as pre and post conference workshops. Some places I’ve lectured include, NORWAC, UAC, ISAR, SOTA, Various NCGR chapters, Various Astrological Societies,  Balkan Astrology Conference (Serbia), Edmonton Astrology Conference (CAN), Romania, Vancouver, London and Australia (CIA Star Camp 2013).

I have also been successful in business having worked in international medical publishing for over 20 years. I founded several companies and have also done international consulting in Germany, London and Paris. I worked in the music industry also as a manager and booking agent.

I believe that one can be in the world...but not defined or trapped by it. I enjoy the challenge of keeping an intense inner focus while being active and successful in the outer world.

Private sessions available in Sarasota FL. Also, check my workshop schedule, I travel regularly, if I'm in an area near you, I may be able to schedule sessions.

The training program in Professional Past Life Regression is ongoing please see Calendar.