Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound SpiritsEarthbound spirits can remain wandering in either places or become attached to people. The principle in the spirit world is that like attracts like, a wandering spirit that has a similar unresolved issue that you may have, could become attached to your energy field and have detrimental results. 

Often people with attached spirits feel drained of energy, also because the nature of Spirit Attachment is a parasitic one, they can magnify whatever issue or complex they are resonant to. Living people can also project parts of their energy and we can do the same to others. An example might be a young lover who ‘lost her heart’ and never came to terms with her lover leaving. Traditional psychology would call this grief, and a range of therapies could be used with the client. Shamanism would call this Soul Loss and would work to retrieve the lost fragment. Other examples are the negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs that others project towards us and become internalized, especially in childhood. The psychological term for this is Introjection. Shamanism would call this an embedded soul fragment and would release it. The purpose of working with Earthbound spirits is to return them to their proper plane of existence and in the case of soul fragments, to reunite them with their own soul. 

All of this work is done with love and gentleness for the lost soul or lost fragment.

Traumatic or sudden deaths quite often leave a portion of the consciousness in shock and earthbound, as do other conditions at death. The biggest shock to a soul that dies suddenly is that it often doesn’t know it is dead.

“You Talking to Me?”

The last thing Anthony remembered were lights coming towards him, and then everything went black. But now he was being told he was dead and couldn’t seem to believe this “Are you taking to me?” he asked incredulously. After working with him further through a female client Judy, Anthony started to piece together what had happened. 

  He had been driving to his sister’s house on the intestate and had to pull over to fix a flat tire.

He had taken the regular safety measures but was struck by a truck that swerved out of control. It happened so fast Anthony never realized he was dead. But his spirit did leave his broken body behind, and it seemed he wandered dazed and in shock along the highway, as cars came to a halt and traffic backed up. 

Judy was in one of those cars traveling home for the holidays. While she waited in the backup, grief overcame her as two years earlier she had lost a brother to a car accident. She wondered if the accident ahead of her was fatal, and she cried for her brother. It was her grief and thoughts of her brother that drew Anthony to her, where he stayed in her energy field in shock, but neither had been aware that this had happened. Judy was thinking of her brother and Anthony, his sister. 

Fortunately once his memory was restored, Anthony was willing to move on, even though he was sad that he had died so young and had not been able to say goodbye to his loved ones. Anthony and Judy were able to tenderly console each other in their mutual grief over lost loved ones, and after this, Anthony was guided to the light.

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Spirits like Anthony that die suddenly, often do not find their way to light on their own. It is not that loved ones and beings from the higher realms do not come for them, but the spirits state of shock often blocks them from even noticing that help is there.


I use direct regression techniques to bring the spirit back to its point of death to break the trance of shock and dissociation. Reasoning with a spirit in a state of shock, is often as useless, as it is with a living person in the same state. In the living, psychological shock produces an immediate altered state of consciousness that can linger and develop into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Some of the symptoms of PTSD are:

  • A recurrent re-experiencing of the original trauma in the form of repetitive memories, nightmares or flashbacks
  • Being in a state of hyper-arousal or hyper-vigilance
  • Blackouts, memory loss, denial or amnesia around the original trauma
  • Dissociation and spaciness
  • Fear or avoidance of others
  • Emotional numbness or deadness
  • Development of phobias and irrational fears


Not surprisingly spirits that are still in a state of shock after death also can exhibit similar symptoms. Since they are no longer in physical organic bodies though, it is more correct to classify them as in an active state of shock rather than suffering from PTSD (which is associated with the after-effects of shock). The active state of shock that a spirit can be in, causes it to seem to be stuck in a tape loop; often repeating the moment (or pre or post moment) of the trauma over and over, just like a living person experiences flashbacks.

When there isn't a personal connection it is simply a matter of resonance. In the spirit world ‘like attracts like’, thus a person with depressive tendencies may draw depressive spirits to them. 

 Spirits may also attach to caring, compassionate, helping people. I have worked with many, nurses, emergency workers, healers and others in helping professions that find spirits attached to them, simply because they are caring people. One client that worked at a nursing home for the aged had many confused, lost and lonely spirits attached to her causing her much mental confusion. These spirits died alone and in various stages of dementia. Since this client was a warm and compassionate person, these poor souls found refuge with her.

Spirits that are attached to places can also be worked with to be released. I have found in working this way that often the spirit also needs help before it is able to move on. ‘Clearing’ a space or driving spirits out through ritual or other methods sometimes only has a limited effect, as after some time they or others like them will return. Working with them, with compassion and helping them come to resolution of their own ‘unfinished business’ is preferable as all involved are then served. When a spirit is happily and consciously 'on the other side' it has no draw or reason to haunt the living anymore.

How Spirits Affect the Living

Earthbound spirits exist in a trance state. They often are unaware that they are dead, frequently they become attached to the living with no awareness that they have done so. Another way of looking at earthbound spirits is to see them as wandering disembodied psychological complexes. It is often, the unresolved thoughts and feelings at the moments of death, or traumatic deaths that can cause parts of a soul to remain earthbound. Many times earthbound spirits that attach to people do so for one simple reason, we have bodies and they do not! Having a body means the possibility of completion of actions, emotions and thoughts. Not having a body can leave one impotent in that regard. Occasionally spirits seem to consciously choose to attach to a certain individual (often because of present or past life connections) such a loved one who feels they need to stay around to protect the living.

Some people have more acute symptoms of spirit interference than others. This is because spirits can either be in the periphery of one’s own energy field or more deeply embedded. Symptoms of spirit attachment are similar to many other physical and psychological issues and may or may not be the cause of:

  • Feelings of depersonalization or dissociation (Not feeling like oneself)
  • Phobias and fears
  • Physical ailments
  • Personality changes
  • Addictions
  • Hearing inner voices (usually negative)
  • Unexplained or unusual negative emotions/thoughts
  • Social withdrawal
  • Fatigue and loss of energy
  • Lingering grief after loved ones pass over
  • Confusion/ Inability to focus
  • A feeling of being watched/Not being alone
  • Symptoms that occur suddenly with no explanation (physical/mental/emotional)


All of these symptoms can have other causes. It is important to rule these out, as well as, to work simultaneously on personal issues. In the work I do, this has proven to have the best results. I work on current and past life issues that cause weakness in the integrity of the energy system and psyche, as well as the spirits issues. This is like working on your natural immune system. The nature of Spirit Interference is a parasitic one. Even though, not all spirits have malicious intentions, the effect they have on ones energy field is detrimental. Just like germs are able to penetrate ones natural defenses when the immune system is weakened, unresolved personal complexes and issues can act like a beacon to draw spirits into ones energy field. The presence of a spirit only complicates the process of healing, exaggerating symptoms. 

If one has an anxiety issue and anxious spirits are also is like being in a panicked crowd. The problem is that one can feel the heightened panic, but they think it all belongs to them. Removing the anxious spirits will help the issue, but until the underlying personal cause is healed, new spirits can be attracted.