The following are videos that feature my work:


On Karma and Reincarnation 2017 - Evolutionary Astrology Zoom Meeting


O World Project Interview


Recommended Viewing .........

Interest in Astrology and Past Lives.... watch - Pluto and the Nodes
Interest in Past Lives only..... watch - Spirtual Broadcast interview
First time clients or regression students.... watch - What to expect from a session - parts 1 & 2

Pluto and the Nodes - Understanding Karmic Complexes


"Past Life Regression" television interview with Spiritual Broadcast Network 2012


"What to Expect From a Session" a short introduction video to Deep Memory Process Part One / Part Two


"Understanding Karma" - Denver 2010


Video Interview for NCGR 2017-
Talking about Regression, Imagery and Astrology


Audio Interviews

The following are audio that feature my work:

Radio Interview with Anthony Picco - on Cosmic Tuesdays - April 2017

Patricia shares a Cosmological overview of Reincarnation, Karma and Past Lives.

Part 1

Part 2


"Reclaiming Venus from the Patriarchy & Imagery as the Language of the Soul" - Norwac 2014

"My interview with Patricia Walsh was one of my favorite from this year's NORWAC. She talks about how the sensual Taurus aspects of Venus have been mostly lost to pre-historical times because our patriarchal culture has been much more biased towards the Libran aspects of beauty. Walsh also talks about using imagery as the language of the soul in astrology by looking at the archetypal images conjured by her clients through shamanic journeying. And she also has some great Jungian insights into the Uranian impulse of individuation. This discussion was inspired by using astrology with Virtual Reality and went to a lot of really interesting & surprising places." - Kent Bye from SoundCloud


"Mutual Reception - Embracing the Shadow" - Norwac 2013


"Metaphysical Explorations">"Imagery, Astrology and Past Life Regression" - Norwac 2010


"Past Life Regression and Evolutionary Astrology" - Norwac 2009

"Past Life Regression and Evolutionary Astrology" interview with Engaged Heart Podcast at NORWAC 2009


 The Dynamics of Deep Memory Process an Interview with Stephen Sakellarios