Other Trainings

The following is a list of professional workshops I teach in addition to Deep Memory Process training.

Working with Ancestral Spirit Complexes – Healing Your Family Tree

ancestors “The past is never dead. It’s not even past. All of us labour in webs spun long before we were born, webs of heredity and environment, of desire and consequence, of history and eternity.” -William Faulkner

The reasons why you have been born into a certain family or ethnic group and live in a certain place are not random choices. You are part of a deep web of inter-connectivity that expands from your core, thru your family and all your relations, to your community, and the collective world soul. In this highly self-experiential workshop you will explore your ancestral ‘psychic inheritance’ and will learn techniques to work with troubled ancestors that may still be affecting you, your family line and present generations.

Ancestral healing work deals directly with the spirits of generations past, helping them to release and heal their ‘unfinished business’ helping them find their rightful place in the after-life, so that the present and future generations are free from any of their lingering karmas and residues. This work is frequently used in conjunction with DMP and other forms of regression therapy.

Patricia has worked with Ancestral and Earthbound spirits with both hands-on ‘shamanic’ approaches and therapeutically for over 20 years.  She will also teach techniques for working with other Earthbound spirits attached to people and/or places.

You will learn:

  • Ways to recognize attachments, the types of ‘spirit’ complexes and how they attach
  • Regression techniques to tune into your own ancestral memory
  • How to scan the subtle body for signs of attachments
  • How to talk to and help unhappy spirits
  • How to send them lovingly to the light
  • Causes and cures of Soul Fragmentation (Soul Retrieval)

Working with the Shadow

Shadow image*For active students and graduates only, must have completed a minimum of 3 modules of DMP training.

"Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is." -Carl Jung


Frequently in regression work we find past life selves that remain shrouded in self-punishing guilt after death.  Dying thoughts, such as “I couldn’t save them”, “It’s all my fault”, “ If only I had.. (fill in the blank)” keep these parts of ourselves in mini-hells in the after-life, causing future lives to carry forward that residue until it is healed. The human psyche struggles with traumatic events that overwhelm it, (wars, blights, poverty, mass catastrophes) using self-blame as a mechanism to try to gain some control over that which it actually had no ability to control. This is an ‘un-natural’ guilt that, although difficult to deal with, you most likely have already met in some of your past lives. In my experience 99% of the guilt and shame we carry falls into the category of ‘un-natural’ guilt...and then there is the other 1%.

Hidden away from consciousness, are the deeply shameful past life selves, the rapists, the torturers, the power hungry betrayers, whom we despise in the outer world, because we reject them as ourselves, in our inner worlds. In this workshop Patricia will create the container to be able to meet these shadow selves, and work with them directly.  We will explore the polarities in our psyches that cause shame based splits such as the; perpetrator/victim; abused/abuser; tyrant/compliant etc… Reconciling these polarities within can release tremendous new passion and potentiality in our lives, as well as allow us to facilitate the same for our clients.

Digging into this corner of your psyche takes courage, but also ultimately forges true maturity and compassion in ones soul.

 Topics covered:

  • The dynamics of projection and shadow
  • Natural, Un-natural and introjected guilt
  • Archetypal shadow themes
  • Jungian perspectives on shadow
  • Collective shadow
  • Exercises to invoke shadow complexes
  • Common strategies to resolve guilt and shame in regression
  • Reconciliation, atonement and forgiveness in the after-life

Professional Training in Past Life Regression for Astrologers



This workshop combines Evolutionary Astrology
and Level One Training
in Past Life Regression
(Deep Memory Process DMP).



 The workshop will teach you regression methods that will enable you to facilitate deep, lasting, and life-changing healing for both yourself and your clients. The training is highly self-experiential; combining lecture, demonstration and supervised work in pairs. With supervision you will guide and receive two regressions.

This workshop contains all the material of a regular Level One Deep Memory Process training with additional references to astrological archetypes and using the natal chart as a part of a session. It is open to astrologers and non-astrologers.

What you will learn:

  • Past life traumas – how they affect us today
  • Inductions to retrieve past life memories
  • How to identify the story behind the symptom
  • How to guide a client through a past life story
  • Using the chart to identify core issues and karmic life scripts
  • Pluto, the nodes and past life stories
  • How to use psychodrama to facilitate a cathartic process
  • How to facilitate healing and resolution of past life traumas in the spirit world


Topics addressed: Astrological archetypes and past life stories; Astrological identification of core karmic themes and issues; how to facilitate a past life story; regression as realistic psychodrama; working in the “now” of the story; Astrological and other inductions into past life memories; key phrases; body cues and energy movements; resistance and blocking; use of catharsis for soul retrieval ; unfinished business at physical, emotional and mental levels. Introduction to working in the After-life 'Bardo' states; structure of a typical session and more...

The workshop is highly self-experiential and is often powerfully transformative for participants, come prepared to learn and also to receive deep healing for yourself!!