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Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar...Or Is It?

With a Sagittarian Sun and Mercury elevated, at the highest point in my personal chart (conjunct the MC), I have always seen connecting patterns of meaning in all things. Astrology as a science and even as part of a spiritual path is an ancient method for understanding our collective and individual ‘place in the cosmos’. What a grand vision it offers us…that our inner world is intimately interconnected with the outer world….. the cosmos.

That is the heart of the meaning of synchronicity. Being open to synchronicity in day to day life is what I call an “ongoing conversation with the universe’. Without that conversation, life can become static, dry and meaningless.

An astrological consultation can not only give you information about yourself and your life circumstances, but can also open up your ‘inner listening or inner vision’, inviting your own awareness to embrace the dance of synchronicity in your life. You are your greatest resource, and my goal is to help you tap that potential.

I often use storytelling and imagery to convey information and invite you to look at a chart reading as a journey into your own psyche.

There are many ways to read an astrological chart, I use the astrological chart as a map of the soul, with an emphasis on the challenges and gifts that remain with you from past lives. A chart consultation will help you identify past causes behind current life issues, and the way to resolve them. It will also point you in the direction of your soul’s yearnings, and guide you to become more of who you were meant to be!!!

Chart readings can be done by done by Phone or Skype

$150 -  1 hour to 1 1/2 Hours covering natal positions from the Evolutionary Astrology perspective, current transits and progressions.


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Understanding Karmic Complexes Patricia WalshMy book on Evolutionary Astrology and Past Lives is available from Wessex and Amazon.

Understanding Karmic Complexes is the culmination of seven years of research correlating 'actual' past life memories (recalled during past life regression therapy) from thousands of individuals to their astrological charts. There are over 50 case studies in the book, with detailed past lives outlined for each astrological archetype. The past life stories guide the reader on a journey through the archetypes (from Aries to Pisces), illuminating the dynamics of astrology, reincarnation and karmic/soul healing. The cases also serve as illustrative examples of the unique principles of Evolutionary Astrology, for the beginning to advanced student. Read Reviews